This movie was released in 2018, originally titled as Mirai no Mirai in Japanese( which literally means Mirai from the future) and alternatively title Mirai from the future, it became the first anime movie to open in Cannes festival. A Japanese anime movie writtten and directed by Mamuro Hosada and produced by his own studio, Studio Chizu. Also it got nominated for the Academy awards in best animated feature category. It is 6th anime movie to get nominated in the Academy awards though academy awards have always neglected Anime and Anime fans doesn’t even care about Academy awards. But the significant thing is that it is only non Ghibli movie to do so, someone is getting recognized over the world.

I recently watched his movie The boy and the beast(My review) , since then I was really looking forward to watch the next movie by Mamuro Hosoda. Honestly I am really surprised, it is completely different and Hosoda has climbed up few notches in my heart as a versatile and great director.

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Directed by Mamuro Hosada

Little Kun feels ignored, when a new member arrives in his family, his newborn sister, Mirai. His mother decide to return to work, so his dad shall do all the domestic chores, and handle the kids while doing freelancing. Well he is having a really hard time at parenting. When little mirai wins everyones heart, Kun, a little brat becomes jealous of her system. One day, he looses his temper and storms away into the courtyard, where meets her sister from the future. Together they embarks on a series of magical journeys discovering their roots while developing a bond between them.

Plot/Official Synopsis
Kun OtaMoka Kamishiraishi
Young MiraiHaru Kuroki
The father Gen Hoshino
The motherKumiko Aso
Japanese Voice cast
Kun OtaJaden Waldman 
Young MiraiVictoria Grace
The Father
The motherRebbeca Hall
English Voice cast

It’s the most heart touching movie, among the recent movies. For those few moments I was teleported straight into my childhood, like Kun, realizing what I have lost. You will instantly feel a slight Boss Boby( I can’t do the Miyazaki comparison every time) feel in first few minutes, but this movie is just so good that Boss Baby’s silliness and corporate humor feels nothing compared to it. It’s more than a movie about kids, it shows how parents grow with their children. I couldn’t relate myself with this part, simply because I am so far away of parenting. But, this could not prevent me from enjoying the moments.

Movie’s concept is great, how impulsive, frickle minded kids could be? they too have there downs and insecurities but they are never short on their imagination and stories. I think we loose this flexible as we grow. Talking about the movie, storyline is good though it becomes repeative, you may have feeling ‘here we go again’. But soon movie treats you with something more beautiful, and you just surrenders yourself to it. Storytelling is great, with perfectly time venyetts, however maybe you can find it bit difficult to follow.

Most beautiful thing, of course after it’s animation, about this character driven movie is the characters. Parents have really stole the show in this movie about the kids, I have a deep sympathy for the father. Little Kun, as a little brat is good(maybe more than that) is completely relatable as we go down on memory. I think in this journey of Sister brother duo, I could not get enough of the Mirai from the future. But the character, I loved the most is little Murai, maybe it’s a little surprising she hardly has any dialogues, which is obvious she is a new born baby. But still her look, like a old wise man amidst this family chaos is just too much adorable.

Family time

Movie has deep rooted Japanese traditional elements like any other Hosoda’s work. We may notice few cultural differences, I think nannies are no popular in Japan, there concept of self reliance. This is the biggest pitfall one could notice, movie preaches that kids must be taught about their ancestry, in order to grow. This may be an integral part of the story but it shows us, dogmatic and deep rooted Japanese traditions, nature of Hosoda’s work. This is actually a thing which can be appreciated too, and every artist have their own perspectives. but the fact is that it, this is the only thing which weakens his universal appeal. However theme is universal, anyone can enjoy it. And there are other contemporary trends mentioned in the movie, like freelancing which makes it more revelant.

Animation is great like any other Hosoda Movie, and the soundtrack really sets the mood with the intro song, a playful pop song with brazillian Brazilian influences, but it largely feels just fine. Again I would say, he has developed a animation style, which is something unique out of something which is mainstream CGI animation,

Kun and his obsession with Bullet trains


A good movie with a great plot, it sets you on a magical journey while you gets overwhelmed by the soaring emotions. This movie discovers, kids and family bonds like never before. A movie told from the eyes of a four year old Kun and supposed to be for young audience but it’s wisdom and terrific visuals may leave their parents spellbound.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I personally loved this movie, for the whole time I was sporting a big smile on my face. I had a constant expression of awe on my face. Oh! My jaws are hurting.

Parent Guide

It is rated PG and it’s available to stream on Netflix.

The concepts of this seems far too much for a kid. Visuals of this movie are kid friendly, except few frames like a family bathing scene(which is not sexual at all, just a moment of family bonds), and a scene with a dead bird(just for few frames). If you can guide your kids than it would be a good(or best) movie for them with lots of lessons to learn. A friendly warning, I should warn that, you may have a hard time explaining your kids. But it’s worth it.

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