Warner Bros Animation and DC Entertainment kicked off the DC Animated Movie Universe with the release of Justice league flashpoint paradox in 2013. Since then almost 8 years have past and 15 films have been distributed. For the clarification of those who are not familiar with DCAMU yet. The main characters were introduced in The flashpoint paradox, since then a continuity has been established with the release of sequels in an interconnected world with shared characters and plot.

This franchise has been very successful among the people and earned rave reviews from the critics. They may not have provided us with the best version of Batman or Joker especially when there already exist so many great versions of them but still, they managed to portray decent versions of them, batman a leader and a great strategist without whom Justice league is incomplete and a great plethora of other DC characters are also introduced with proper character development. The last chapter of this franchise is finally here.


After the events of Reign of Superman, the Superman decides to launch a final attack on Darkseid with the help of Justice League. But soon this mission turns into a suicide mission as they get attacked by ParaDooms(a fusion of Parademons and Doomsday) and Darkseid who knew about their mission from the beginning. Most of the Justice league get annihilated or turned into the mind-controlled minions, got brainwashed by him or just left alive to spark fear among the people with their pitiful existence leaving the Earth ripe for the invasion. After the two years of invasion, the survivors of war joins forces to save Earth and to stop Darkseid once for all in this last desperate attempt.

Is it a worthy conclusion or not

The final chapter in this franchise is bit more Suicide Squad-ish and Demon-ish one, very contrasting to a typical Justice league story where the movie begins with the attack on an American city and ends with Presidential awards ceremony. It promises a bloodier and more sadistic conclusion and takes the artistic freedom to another level as it earns its r rating for its gut-wrenching action in this conclusion to the 15 movie arc when there are so many characters to be taken care off.

Titled as the sequel to the Justice League Dark(were we introduced to the team of Constantine which take care of darker and Demonish matters), which is also the best part of this Franchise. It gives a satisfying conclusion to all other arcs starting from the Son of Batman to the Suicide squad. Our last remaining heroes teams up, John Constantine voiced by Matt Ryan, Superman(mostly as Clark Kent) voiced by Jerry O’Connell, Raven(Taissa Farmiga), Damian Wayne(Stuart Allan). John Constantine stands out as the most entertaining character as he plays the lead role in the movie, apologetically British whose curiosity often causes harm to the people close to him. Other main characters just hang in the balance between bad and satisfactory, like Superman who is just ok though him being powerless for the large part of the movie seems like a good decision. Other prominent side characters like King Shark, Harley Quinn, Luis Lane, Captain Boomerang are amazing and turns it into a Suicide squad game as they add the much-needed humour into the intensity of the Movie. The portrayal of Darkseid is outstanding as his character is the embodiment of the evil and Darkness itself.

The series tries to tie each and every loose ends from the previous movie and act as a sequel to almost 14 movies, yet they handle so many characters(almost all of the DC characters) in the most incredible way possible as they provide satisfactory send-offs to the characters and while they deliver their spine chilling last words.

There are so many scenes in the movie which may prove too dark and gruesome for some but it’s an r rated movie and shows no intentions to cut upon its blood and gore.

Disemboweled Aquaman


The conclusion to the movie may seem a bit abrupt and left so many things and characters just unexplored. But still, this franchise has its own giveaways. The single fact that it is able to stand up to the great legacy of DC animated movies makes it a masterpiece and a grand finale to the DC’s Animated Movie Universe.