Whenever, We have tried to adapt Video game into movies or series the result is mostly awful. We should not use the popular catchphrase here, the mixed bag of success because most of the bag is filled with disappointments. Despite of this we have a animated series or something else for almost all of the iconic videogame to lure the Fanboy folklore. Recent success of the video game adaptation movies like Sonic have ensured that our screens soon will be flooded by many more sequels and video game adaptation.

Last Night, I have watched Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, arguably the best video game adaptation ever. And things have become more optimistic for me, let’s jump on it.


Ryu, a vagabond with extraordinary fighting skills unknowingly catches the attention of the Bison, the ultimate leader of the evil crime syndicate Shadow law, he is hell-bent on tracing Ryu with help of his cyborgs and his bodyguards Balrog, Vega and Sagat. So he could force him to join his cause. This organization is responsible for several terror attacks involving brain washed street fighters. Chun li, a top secret Interpol agent joins forces with Captain Guile, who is out for revenge against Shadowlaw’s leader, M Bison, for the death of his best friends. Meanwhile a footage of Ryu’s American best friend and fighting rival Ken Masters get surfaced, ultimately attracting the attention of the Bison. As story progress we explore the bond between Ryu and Ken and ultimately leading to the final faceoff.

What makes it one of the best video game adaptation movie

Chun Li vs Vega fight scene

There is a very creepy shower scene involving naked Chun Li. It must have been devastating for the young fan boys, though it was censored in the American Version. The subsequent fight scene between Chun Li and Vega is my favorite fight scene though it is creepy and full of fan service.

I only have a faint memory of the video game to begin with, because I grew up in 2000s and this is first time I am watching this masterpiece. However the influence of this video game on the pop culture is hard to ignore. The story provided each and every character a befitting background story and enough scope for character development which is also the best part of the movie. I really enjoyed the Bison’s character a typical 90s villain, a tyrannical dictator, who wears military cum music band outfit and delivers heavy philosophical dialogues. There are lots of cameos from the original video game characters, they are perfectly timed and placed. At some moments, Movie seems to drag itself, flashbacks from Ryu and Ken early days as friends, Bison walking around in his Aircraft, Ryu climbing Himalaya. But in the last minutes, we are treated by the final showdown with lots of our emotions at stake.

The background music of the movie is amazing, here I am referring to the English version composed by Cory Lerios and John D’andreal. They released separate soundtracks for Japanese and English version. It consist of all type of techno, Pop, Funk and other 90s stuff. Especially I have enjoyed the titular background music of Bison’s character it was upbeat and quite menacing.

I really regret the thing that I took so long to finally watch the movie, one of the main reasons behind my reluctancy was the animation. But I am surprised, though animation was not drawn, it has aged well. The textures are not so great but the lightening effects and highly contrasting bright colors and deep black looks so good on modern day Oled screens.

Ryu using ki energy

Fighting scenes are well choreographed well with less distracting and minimalistic background, they make good use of using close up shots from different angle and integrating it to the iconic flat screen fighting style and original moves of the characters from the video game. It even avoids typical anime screams and other things integral to the anime in order to stay true to it’s source.

The amount of details in animation is incredible, It’s portrayal of Calcutta, India is most accurate compared to any other work including the Indian work itself. I was stunned to recognize a 5 rupee(Indian currency) note from that period.


A masterpiece in all aspect which has it’s own legacy, inspired a Street Fighter (Origins) Video game sequel and many more movies and anime sequels, although none of them were able to live up to the expectation. But still, it successfully acheived a benchmark and has not died out yet still waiting for it’s worthy opponent.

What are your veiws guys, please comment. I know I am a terrible writer.

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