Scissor Seven, this Netflix original animated series is a Chinese handdrawn anime, a great sigh of relief they are still supporting some good handdrawn anime especially when they have so much ugly cgi shit in the pipeline.

The stakes are getting higher with the entry of big giants and the streaming service is more competitive than ever before with the entry of HBO Max, Disney Plus, but for me what really sets Netflix apart and gives it a upper hand is how Netflix has been able to polish some regional gems and catering them to a diverse International audience. Money heist, a Netflix Spanish series. It’s grand success is a big example of how this strategy has paid off well. This is series is also the part of the same good practice and let’s see if it’s good too.

Originally streamed in China in 2018 as Killer Seven, renamed as Scissor Seven for it’s international release on Netflix. Another Chinese anime from rising Chinese genre Wuxia, , a genre of Chinese fiction concerning the adventures of martial artists in ancient China.

Plot or storyline

So here goes our official Netflix’s typical short three lined synopsis

Seeking to recover his memory, a scissor-wielding, hairdressing, bungling quasi-assassin stumbles into a struggle for power among feuding factions.

It follows the story of Wu liuqi, who lost his memory two years ago. Looking for a way to recover his memory he needs a lot of money to be able to do so, he does a crash course in killing and get trained to persue the second oldest profession in the world, The professional killer. It pays well, with great benefits and flexible working hours, Where else we can find a better job, There is even an annual bonus and travel overseas. He runs a Barber shop as a cover up for his real profession. As he pursues his missions one after another, it becomes clear there is literally nothing that could go right as he comes across different targets with a variety of melodogmatic issues.

A short animated series with 14 episodes with duration of 15-20 minutes but believe me there is so much more in those 15 minutes than what you can ever expect.

Netflix has adapted and modified dialogues to make it resonate more with international audiences and let me tell you that they have done a great job, dialogues are meaty and funny.

Why you should watch it.

As you are reading my article, I think this is my duty to persuade you to watch this because this is too good to be skipped either you are a casual Cartoon viewer or you have a vivid and great taste in animated genre.

It offers a great scope of character development as he moves from one failure to another. With every episode we are introduced to creepy, weird but funny characters, a perv with obsession to collect undergarment( pay attention I said weird, really weird). As soon you starts thinking this can’t get more weird ,it catches you off guard with more silliness and weirdness

Don’t be ridiculed by this she is just a overcaring grandmother

It’s pure comedy but when you are busting out your lungs with laughter you learn that it has a heart too it can spark emotions. It has it’s own dramatic and emotional moments which turn out well.

The animation looks great with anime styled cool sword fights, Scissor fight

I said coool

The great thing about the animation is that, this Chinese version of anime captures the true spirit of handdrawn anime. Animation completely complements the humor and weirdness of it’s plot and characters.

Ahaha talking about weirdness take this


It may not be a barrier pushing, an unique offering but it’s surely a light hearted comedic relief. Watch it guys for it’s satirical gags with a warm heart and comedy at it’s core.

I am still not eligible enough to give it a rating or judge it but it’s surely deserves all the stars.

Season 2 release date

It has slotted to be released on May 7 2020. Hurry up guys go and watch season 1.

Tell me guys if you are excited for season 2 too, then please comment let me know. Also suggest me how can I improve.

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