When it comes to the original movies, Netflix has a mixed bag of success. Almost all of it’s big releases like Bright starring Will Smith, or the most recent ones like 6 underground failed to impress critics and veiwers alike despite having a starry cast or boosting a generous Netflix budget. But a thing worth noticing here is that Netflix has done well in animation genre, this unprecedented success can be reflected by the fact that it gained two nominations in Animated feature film category.

Last week Netflix has released The Willoughbys on it’s platform. Let’s see if Netflix is able to continue it’s success this time or it is an another disappointment.

Neglected by their parents, four old-fashioned siblings venture out into the modern world with their new nanny.

We are introduced to a family with a cat voiced by Ricky Gervais which often switch roles as a narrator with a deep voice and as a pet of The Willoughbys. Our narrator, a bluish cat introduces us to a family of a couple, who shares a very affectionate bond between them. Then it make sures that we should know this does not mean that they are loving parents too, through a scene in which father shares his first few words with his newborn child,

If you need love ,I beg of you

Finally in this troubled family, children decide that it is enough and put their plan in place by sending off their parents on a dangerous vacation. So that they could be free as orphans. Then a rather unconventional nanny appears in the movie, hired by their parents. As the story continues they grow affection toward the Nanny.

Characters are enjoyable and relatable though they often seem to be conventional, two younger teens who are best at causing troubles with their little invention, a young and fearless girl who sought freedom from their parents and often sings, it also has a Willy wonka feel, I should stop here not to spoil more because despite of all of this it deserves a watch because this weird family is crazy and a lot entertaining. It is worth mentioning that when movies tries to be original, it often seems that things are falling apart.

And there is a constant feel that the movie will soon fall out of its weird and wacky humor. But as the story progresses it makes us feel for the children of The Willoughbys family as they struggle in the vicious world of man, this is where the movie looks flawless, where it tries to pull off a feel good Pixar styled message.

It also tries to explore some rather dark social topics, it’s charm and a good together theme makes it enjoyable for a audience of all ages, perfect for family viewing.

The best part of this movie is it’s animation, director Kris pearn of Cloudy and the meatballs fame makes a good use of stop motion animation. This movies feels like a hybrid between 3d and stop motion, a spectacular character design with yarn like reddish Willoughbys hair, breathtaking and beautiful animation and with the smoothness of 3d Pixar like animation.

It currently has a fresh rotten tomatoes rating and a strong IMDB rating of 7. Go for it if you want a enjoyable and entertaining viewing experience full of emotion, it makes you sad and cry in joy.