With the release of birds of prey Warner Bros succeeded in impressing critics but unfortunately it didn’t result into a boxoffice success. But regardless of this Warner Bros got the much needed approval it needed for it’s DCEU. Whatever the reason was behind it’s failure at box office but I personally feel that we need more like this, we need more r rated movies from Warner bros.

We all know that where the real prowess of DC lies, in it’s animated movies and tv series. Even Margot Robbie’s amazing performance can’t match the Harley Quinn a dc animated TV series. Well we all know this has been the case every time Hollywood tries to adapt a anime or other animation hits. But this was not even the case and still the animated version prevails with a higher rotten tomatoes score.

The adult animated comedy series follows Harley’s adventures, where alongside ragtag crew of DC castoffs, she tries to earn a seat at the biggest table in villainy: the Legion of the Doom. The strong voice cast for Harley Quinn also includes comedic talents such as Lake Bell (In a World…Wet Hot American Summer series, Childrens Hospital), Alan Tudyk (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Ron Funches (Powerless), JB Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), Wanda Sykes (Black-ish), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Natalie Morales (Bojack Horseman), Jim Rash (Mike Tyson Mysteries), Diedrich Bader (Veep), Tony Hale (Arrested DevelopmentVeep), Chris Meloni (Happy!Law & Order: Special Victims Unit).

It’s like a fun carnival with lots of red colours and F* bombs. Keep your children away from this because this is not a typical child friendly cartoon, Harley would never shy away from dropping f* bombs in this r rated series. And the crew of Harley devours the goons without any second thoughts in this fun rampage.

Harley Quinn realizes that her relationship with Mr J is abusive and toxic, she assembles a crew of castoffs and begins on her adventure to earn a seat at the Doom of legion, the ultimate league of DC villains. As her adventure continues she promptly refuses to accept the trust about her relation with joker and struggles to find the true meaning of relationships. Kaley Cuoco of big bang theory fame, did a terrific job probably her version is the best version of Harley Quinn on screen.

This is a treat for olderly comic readers, a rated series with a rich plethora of characters, there are so many cameos. Every character has a weird persona attached to them which makes them very unpredictable and a lot more funnier to watch. Clayface, he can shape shift into anyone and he has a Shakespearean zeal toward acting but he literally sucks thus often causing trouble.

At times it tries to make socio political commentary or say mockery, in a scene dr psycho hurls sl*t abuse at Wonder woman and Harley Quinn remarks that makes him the most unemployable person ever. But, In summary Harley Quinn does not even give a f*ck com’Mon.

One thing worth mentioning here is that a show meant to be frontline feminist show with a strong female lead has only 2-3 strong female characters surrounded by all type of pessimistic, self rightist, anarchist men. It could have been better as there are so many strong female characters in DC to choose from.

The animation is sleek and minimalistic. The animation team behind this series successfully animates each and every action, every bashed head, melting head, devoured head, a bullet through head, and so much more.

It’s a weird and wacky treat, full of gore and violence with a lot of cursing, full of lively unpredictable characters, with a strong voicing cast but it never gets out of humor in 13 episodes, and also it never seem to cross the line of too much despite being always on the verge of too much .

It’s a must watch with a 87 % strong fresh rotten tomatoes rating, mentioning it down here cause we all know that my opinion doesn’t matter.

Go and watch it guys. And if this is not enough to convince you then take a look at this trailer

Season 2

Season 2 is already out for the Harley Quinn series, it looks that it those who were so concerned about the series getting exhausted out of humor has proved wrong and there is still so much heads left to be bashed in.

I don’t want to spoil anything here just go and watch season 1 and season 2 which is currently streaming, and give yourself a treat you deserve and spare yourself from being forced fed another mediocre offering in this quarantine.

I have used so much strong language here starting from the title itself, but do remember it’s a r rated Harley Quinn series.

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