As we know Oscar nominations 2020 for all categories are already out for a while and winners name willing be announced very soon on 10 February 2020. So it’s the high time to look back at the animated movies oscar nominees and make our own predictions as we eagerly wait for the winners oscar 2020.

If you missed to check out the nominees, we have got you covered so these are the nominees for best animated feature film award at Oscars 2020. I have lost my body, Klaus, Toy story 4, How to train your dragon: The hidden world and Missing link. All. For more information and the possible winner read the below list.

1. I have lost my body

This movie is currently streaming on Netflix in case if you have missed it. It’s been termed as the most bold animated movie of recent times. It has already won many prestigious awards since it’s initial release in France like Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Music, New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Animated Film
2019,Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award for Best Animated Film.

2. Klaus

Produced by Streaming giant Netflix, In this movie Sergio Pablo created a masterpiece by efficiently including the mordern animation techniques into the hand drawn animation. With a very familiar plot for a Family Christmas viewing was the most refreshing and delightful experience from the recent times.

3. Missing links

With this movie Chris Butler earned his second nomination for best animated feature film after PanaNorman and Laika productions got their 5th nomination for the same category. Keeping in mind the recent obsession with Yetis yet this movie managed to impress the critics and audiences a like. Along with a different Victorian setting, by dealing with so many themes and with the most painstaking animation technique which always seems so refreshing earned it the nomination.

4. HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON: The hidden world

This movie by Dean DeBlois was a grand conclusion to the How to train your dragon trilogy known for it’s grand visuals, good laugh, emotions. All these elements are present in this Endgame of HTTYD. And addition of Oscars can add more grandeur to this grand finale.

5 Toy story 4

With this installment Toy story Franchise continued their streak for getting Oscars nominations and Walt Disney Pictures strengthened their bid for Oscars. After a break of almost a decade the Franchise was back last year with a new chapter and this comback managed to impress the critics along with a boom at the boxoffice. Also it’s popularity in Pop culture makes it a good contender for the best animated feature film.

The nominations for these good titles somewhere means that some other promising titles were ignored. So according to me these 3 movies were the biggest miss in this list. A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, Frozen 2, The lego movie

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