If you’re confused about what you should watch on Netflix. We have picked few animated movies from Netflix, they are the Netflix best movies if you are excited than scroll down for some good Netflix movies which also includes few new Netflix movies from 2019

Recently Netflix came up with so many good animated series like troll hunters, including some critically acclaimed adult animated series like Big Mouth. Talking about the movies, Netflix has produced two masterpieces alone in 2019. Let’s take a look, what they have in their Netflix originals arsenal for animated movies watchers.

1. The little prince

Directed by Mark Osborne

This movie claims to be the most heartwarming retelling of the The little prince , originally written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. If you hadn’t read the story in your childhood, don’t worry this modern version has the same aura. You can enjoy it with your younger ones, it’s PG rated though some parts maybe far too complex for a kid to understand. It’s fresh certified fresh on rotten tomatoes with nearly perfect 100 rating.

The plot follows the story of a young girls who meets a old man in her neighborhood, who was a aviator and tells her the story about the little prince. Talking about the animation, they are amazing and innovative, and I would say it’s a treat. Believe me if you have a warm heart this movie can leave you soaking wet in tears.

2. Next gen

Directed by

This movie is more like a complete package of good visuals, action, emotions, perfect for a family viewing.More information if you’re interested, it goes like, this is based on the online Chinese comic 7723 by Wang Nima, and is directed by Kevin R. Adams and Joe Ksander.

The plot follows a rebellious girl in a tech obsessed world and a runaway robot, the must try and stop a madman’s technological plan to dominate the world.

Reasons to watch, complete package, stunning visuals, perfect for a family viewing. Cons – tries it’s hand on so many themes, seems like a unoriginal concept I think you got it again a rebellious girl, a runaway robot, a madman ahhh!

3. Invader Zim enter the Florpus

Based on and the continuation of original Nickelodeon show Invader Zim by Vasquez

Directed by Jenny Goldberg (art); Jake Wyatt (storyboard)

Well it has a perfect 100 ratings on rotten tomatoes and critics claim that it is a revival of cartoons. With so many good ratings and reviews I think it deserves a watch. If not because poster looks cartoonish and immature then you can watch it for the nostalgic original show or just for the good old days.

The plot follows the Zim discovering that his original masters never intended to invade earth and he loses confidence in himself for the first time in his life, which is the big break his human nemesis, Dib has been waiting for.

Our last pick is Christmas special

4. Klaus

Nothing for this one just watch it and believe me you won’t be disappointed.

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